Autonomous Vehicles in Different Settings-L109

Autonomous Vehicles in Different Settings-L109

*Time is a minimum time estimate and creativity is difficult to limit this way

Discover the varied environments in which driverless cars can operate, and explore how they adapt to different conditions.

Scroll down for a pre-task to get you thinking, notes on how to succeed and then the main activity slides where you’ll find step-by-step instructions.

Imagine living in a world where cars drive us everywhere safely! How will our cities look? How much free time will we have when we don’t have to drive?

Tools you'll need

Subject area links

Digital and meta skills

Let's think Driverless Cars

Know how to succeed

Learning Intentions

- We are learning to understand where driverless cars can go. - We are learning to use digital tools to present our ideas.

Success Criteria

- I can list different settings for driverless cars. - I can make a presentation with images and text. - I can answer questions about my slides.

Hints and tips

1. Stuck on Google Slides, Microsoft Presentation? Look for the '+' sign to add slides. 2. For pictures, click on the image icon. 3. If the video doesn’t play, make sure your internet is working fine.

Main activity


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