Designing your own Smart Wearable for a SuperHero-L108

Designing your own Smart Wearable for a SuperHero-L108

*Time is a minimum time estimate and creativity is difficult to limit this way

In this activity, students will explore smart wearable technology by designing a special device for a superhero, using the micro:bit.

Scroll down for a pre-task to get you thinking, notes on how to succeed and then the main activity slides where you’ll find step-by-step instructions.

Students will be inspired by the chance to become inventors for superheroes. They will also enjoy the creative challenge of designing a smart wearable.

Tools you'll need

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Digital and meta skills

Let's think Smart Wearable Tech

Know how to succeed

Learning Intentions

* We are learning to design a smart wearable for a superhero. * We are learning to code a micro:bit to perform specific tasks. * We are learning to apply our knowledge to create a practical and imaginative device.

Success Criteria

* I can design and create a wearable device for a superhero. * I can code a micro:bit to perform the tasks my device needs. * I can effectively present my design and its features.

Hints and tips

1. If you're struggling to add a feature to your code, try searching for a tutorial or example on the MakeCode website. 2. If your micro:bit is not responding as expected, check your code for mistakes. 3. Make sure your micro:bit is securely attached to your wearable, but remember you might need to remove it to adjust your code.

Main activity


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