Ethical Considerations in Video Games-L3 10

Ethical Considerations in Video Games-L3 10

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This lesson will engage students in exploring and understanding the ethical implications of video games and their role in society.

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Understanding that the games we play can carry deep meanings and can influence us in profound ways can be a powerful revelation. It can inspire students to think more critically about the media they consume and to understand how it can shape society.

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Let's think Video Games

Know how to succeed

Learning Intentions

We are learning to: 1) Analyze and discuss ethical considerations in video games. 2) Collaborate and communicate digitally. 3) Present our findings in a clear and engaging way.

Success Criteria

What Iโ€™m Looking For: 1) A clear analysis of an ethical issue in a video game. 2) Evidence of thoughtful discussion and collaboration. 3) A well-structured and engaging presentation of your findings.

Hints and tips

1) Remember, there's no right or wrong answer in these discussions. The goal is to think critically about the media you consume. 2) If you're having trouble with the Google Apps, try checking out their Help Centers for guidance. 3) Don't forget to save your work frequently!

Main activity


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