Showcasing Smart Wearables-L110

Showcasing Smart Wearables-L110

*Time is a minimum time estimate and creativity is difficult to limit this way

In this activity, students will create and present a showcase about a smart wearable device, highlighting its benefits and functionalities.

Scroll down for a pre-task to get you thinking, notes on how to succeed and then the main activity slides where you’ll find step-by-step instructions.

Students can share their presentation slides, recorded presentation videos, and coded micro:bit files as evidence of learning. Their engagement during the discussion and their ability to answer questions can also indicate their understanding.

Tools you'll need

Subject area links

Digital and meta skills

Let's think Smart Wearable Tech

Know how to succeed

Learning Intentions

* We are learning to research and understand the features of smart wearable technology. * We are learning to create a digital presentation to showcase a smart wearable device. * We are learning to code a micro:bit to simulate a feature of a smart wearable.

Success Criteria

* I can research and explain the features and benefits of a selected smart wearable. * I can create a digital presentation that effectively showcases my selected smart wearable. * I can code a micro:bit to simulate a feature of my chosen smart wearable.

Hints and tips

1. Choose a presentation tool that you are comfortable with. 2. Remember to save your work regularly. 3. When coding, start simple and then gradually add more complexity.

Main activity


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