Video Game Marketing and Advertising-L2 12

Video Game Marketing and Advertising-L2 12

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You will learn about marketing and advertising strategies for video games and design a marketing campaign for a game they have conceptualized.

Scroll down for a pre-task to get you thinking, notes on how to succeed and then the main activity slides where you’ll find step-by-step instructions.

Your marketing campaign could be the difference betyouen a successful game and one that gets overlooked. Unleash your creativity and make your game stand out!

Tools you'll need

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Digital and meta skills


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Let's think Video Games

Know how to succeed

Learning Intentions

- You are learning to understand the role of marketing and advertising in the video game industry. - You are learning to design a marketing campaign for a video game.

Success Criteria

- You can explain the importance of marketing and advertising in video games. - You can create a comprehensive marketing campaign for an imaginary video game. - You can present my marketing campaign and articulate my design decisions.

Hints and tips

1. Keep your target audience in mind when designing your marketing campaign. 2. Use visuals to grab attention and convey your game’s story and atmosphere. 3. Be creative and bold with your ideas.

Main activity


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