Analyzing Taylor Swift’s Lyrics

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Taylor Swift Series

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In this lesson, you will dive deep into the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s songs, exploring the themes and literary devices she uses. Taylor Swift is known for her storytelling through music, and her lyrics often reflect personal experiences, emotions, and social commentary. Aim to develop a deep understanding of how her words convey powerful messages and emotions. By analyzing her lyrics, you will not only appreciate her artistry but also enhance your skills in literary analysis and critical thinking. This lesson will help you understand the power of language in songwriting and how artists use literary devices to convey their messages.



Taylor Swift Series

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Analyze the themes and literary devices in Taylor Swift's lyrics.


Understand the themes and literary devices in Taylor Swift's lyrics.


Students can identify and analyze themes and literary devices in selected songs.

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Provide background on Taylor Swift’s discography and common themes in her music.
Good: Identifies themes. Better: Analyzes literary devices. Best: Connects themes to personal experiences.