Introduction to Social Media

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Impact of Social Media on Society Series

In this lesson we’re going to:

Discover the basics of social media and its evolution over time.



Impact of Social Media on Society Series

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Explore the basics of social media and its evolution over time.


Understand what social media is and how it has evolved.


Students can explain the concept of social media and identify its key platforms.

Follow the numbered steps below to complete this Challenge. Remember our app guides will help with creating content and using the tech.

Provide background on social media, including key terms and concepts. Prepare a brief overview of the history of social media, highlighting key platforms and their impact on society. Discuss the definition of social media, its purpose, and the evolution of different platforms. Emphasize the role of social media in modern communication and information dissemination. Encourage students to share their experiences with social media and discuss how it has changed over the years. Provide students with access to reliable sources, such as educational websites, scholarly articles, and documentaries on the history of social media.
Good: Identifies basic concepts. Better: Explains evolution. Best: Analyzes the impact of social media.