Social Media and Marketing

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Impact of Social Media on Society Series

In this lesson we’re going to:

Analyze the impact of social media on marketing and advertising, and understand the strategies used.



Impact of Social Media on Society Series

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Analyze the impact of social media on marketing and advertising.


Understand how social media is used for marketing and advertising.


Students can describe the strategies used in social media marketing and analyze their effectiveness.

Follow the numbered steps below to complete this Challenge. Remember our app guides will help with creating content and using the tech.

Provide context on the role of social media in marketing, including current trends and examples. Gather examples of successful social media marketing campaigns and statistics on their impact. Prepare to discuss different marketing strategies and their effectiveness. Explore the various strategies used in social media marketing, such as influencer partnerships, analytics, and targeted advertising. Discuss the advantages and challenges of using social media for marketing. Encourage students to share examples of social media marketing they have encountered and discuss their effectiveness. Provide industry reports, case studies, and articles on social media marketing.
Good: Identifies strategies in marketing. Better: Analyzes effectiveness. Best: Evaluates impact.