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Qr codes have been popping up everywhere since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, we continued to scan these codes with our smartphones for the NHS Track and Trace program. How do these codes work?
NFTs. I’m sure you will hear more than three letters in recent times. A year ago, most of us would never have heard the acronym, never mind what it stands for. It stands for Non-fungible Token. Now that probably has not made its meaning transparent, so let’s elaborate.
Nowadays, when we want to watch something, we know that all we have to do is turn the internet on, sign into our streaming account and press play. But it wasn’t always like this; this has only been a new development over the last fourteen years!
Prosthetics is just another word for ‘Artificial limbs’. These artificial body parts replace limbs that aren’t there anymore due to amputation or accident. For hundreds of years, many forms of Prosthetics have existed in our lives. These aid them in being able to live their life without the downfall of missing limbs. A person's prosthesis will depend on the type of amputation or the location of the missing limb or extremity, as well as how the amputation or limb loss occurred.
Raspberry Pi’s are mini-computers that you can fit in your hand but still have large amounts of processing power.
Using your credit or debit cards online has become a natural habit. Buying online has become more accessible and quicker for all generations. Whether you are buying on Amazon or ASOS, making payments online has an umbrella of concerns. But how do we know it's safe?
In today's society, the topic of interest we are discussing is the evolution of today's technology. But what do we mean by that? We have become an isolated community where our lives revolve around technology and its advances, but what do we mean by SMART technology?
Gaming is one of the world’s most popular forms of entertainment and since the 1970’s gaming consoles have come a long way and continue to improve with each new generation. 
Over the last few years, social media has become a part of everyone’s daily lives. With the internet being such an enormous part of everyday life, there’s really no hope for anyone to feel good about themselves anymore.The entire point of social media is to connect with your friends and family, to share your life in photographs and videos, no matter where you are.
Robotics is the term used to describe the relationship between science and technology to create a machine capable of performing tasks. These functions can range from mundane everyday tasks to high-fiving or pouring a kettle to parts that some people are incapable of doing, like performing surgery.
But a futuristic humanoid robot named Sophia wasn’t on the list. ‘The central question seems to be what does she do and why?
We’ve all heard people talking about The Cloud. Every advert for new devices tells us about each company's personal version of The Cloud, but what do we actually know about it? And is it safe to use?
The computer and computerised devices are one of the most famous inventions. How did these devices come into existence? The first-ever computer was invented in 1821 by a man called Charles Babbage. In retrospect, computers back then were very different from what they are today.
Press play and close your eyes. No matter what year or device we’re listening to our music on, whether it's life, playing loudly for all to hear, or playing directly into your ear, music is the same experience. It understands you; it’s there for you, but how did it get here? How did we go from playing live music with handmade instruments to tapping a button on our smartphones and listening to songs?
Virtual Reality is the term used for the realistic computer-generated environment built to immerse yourself in various sectors of life. It uses Head-Mounted Display or helmet. Virtual Reality technology has revolutionised every industry, particularly the gaming industry, education, medical training, military, and heritage industries.
Website security has been increasing, with more and more people falling into scams. There are tell-tale signs where you can identify if the webpage you’re on is secure. No matter your age, anyone is at risk of being scammed. Therefore, we must understand and take action to prevent our data from getting lost or stolen.
The internet is a vast, wild place, and although it’s taken us into a new age of sharing and privacy, it’s not always been safe for us. So many programs on our devices can keep our information private, but scams and breaches always seem to happen.
The automobile has come a long way since its invention in 1886, thanks to the minds of geniuses. Over the last one hundred and thirty-six years, cars have become even more high-tech than ever imagined. We’ve seen many things come and go, from vehicles that run on steam to cars with motion sensors and cameras.
In today’s digital world, everything revolves around data. The world functions because of data and has for decades, decades been the keyword. With advancing years comes innovation, and while there has been plenty of that, we must ask ourselves what data will look like in the future.
It’s a big word, but what does it mean? Hearing this word, the first thing we think is taking something across the world. It’s taking products, technology, knowledge, jobs, and information across the globe. It’s the coming together of countries and cultures to work together. It has been the way of doing things since the 19th century.
Throughout our lives, we’ve seen a massive leap in gaming technology. From the beginning of using the most basic of games consoles, we’ve travelled into a futuristic level of gaming. With unique technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, we’re now using technology that will help us escape the gaming experience using Head-Mounted Displays.
As the world has advanced over the centuries, medical technology is one of the most significant achievements of this process. What we mean by this is the machines, medicines and procedures developed to help doctors diagnose, prevent and treat.
Most commonly, the energy we use is finite, which means it can and will run out. What do we mean by renewable energy? It’s simply an energy source that is sustainable; won’t run out. It is also known as ‘alternative energy, which is just another word for the same thing. The point is what everything runs on, from your lights and chargers at home to what can power cars, factories and society. These are things like coal, oil and gas, which many households still use.
Do you want to learn a programming language that is used by some of the world's top companies? Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and for good reason. It is easy to learn, powerful, and versatile. In this blog post, we will discuss what makes Python so popular and teach you how to get started with this amazing language!
There is no doubt that Smart Home Technology is constantly changing and progressing. We've come a long way from the first-ever microwave to automated robots that keep your floors clean.
Back in the day, there was no way to figure out where we were in the world except to look at the stars. Finding your way anywhere was done by using compasses, maps and luck! With the advancement of technology being as unique as it is, people have developed a technological way never to get lost again. GPS, otherwise known as the Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based navigation system to help you determine precisely where you are in the world and can also give you directions to wherever you want to go. The first satellite was launched in 1978, each lasting about ten years, meaning satellites are constantly being made and launched into orbit. These run on solar energy, one of our renewable energy sources.
It might seem like Science fiction, but are we closer than we might think to flying taxis and autonomous flying? Let's look into the main challenges and see how far away we are from this becoming part of our lives.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are designed to think and act like humans. AI systems can be trained to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation.
As the demand to cut carbon emissions is more significant than ever, are we closer to flying cars than we think? With a growing urban population, it’s no wonder that roads and railways are near breaking point. The number of people on earth is reaching ten billion in just over 30 years, and solutions must be found to prepare for the additional demand.
Today's technology has become more than ever imagined, from smartwatches to mobile phone-controlled heating systems. As society evolves, we can see more impressive and expensive technology used by all ages. Augmented Reality (AR) is complicated, but we use it daily without thinking about it. How do we use AR in everyday life?
Technology has taken over our lives, but what about the lives of our children? We are living in the age of baby tech, otherwise known as the technology specifically designed for babies, toddlers, and even young children.
There are so many different ways to take photos. Cameras weren’t always standard. They used to be a luxury item. Where did the photograph come from, and where is it going?
CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery, and it describes the art of using technology to create entire worlds and notable realistic changes on screen that we wouldn’t be able to do with make-up and props. If you can dream it, then CGI can help it come to life… or at least, life on screen. As we humans have progressed, so have our imaginations and our freedom of editing technology.
“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” That’s the saying we use when our curiosity piques. The notion of new information on exciting subjects can spark our interest whilst scrolling online. Picture it, you’re scrolling through the internet, and you come across a video or article with a compelling title, so you click on it, and the media isn’t what’s promised! Instead, the article is about something completely different. Sound familiar? Well, that means you’ve come across clickbait.
The definition of deep tech - is technology based on engineering innovation and scientific advances or discoveries. Despite the lack of public knowledge, it is one of the most important technological applications.
Fashion is a staple of most modern societies and is a true reflection of the times. Each era has its clothing style synonymous with life in those days. Moreover, fashion is a powerful tool each person possesses to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd.
The term ‘E-commerce’ refers to when we buy and sell something online instead of physically going to a shop to buy something. It stands for Electronic Commerce, and you’ve probably already used it, with well-known E-commerce sites such as; Amazon, Etsy, eBay and ASOS, to name a few.
Throughout the last few years, we have seen different advancements in mobile technology. One thing mentioned in every advert for these devices is the idea of 3G, 4G and 5G. What does this mean?
Flight. It is one of man’s most significant accomplishments, yet we know little about it. We know that the plane goes up, and we end up in a more excellent, warmer climate for a few weeks of bliss before heading home, but where did this invention come from, and how does it work?
Over the years, as a population, internet usage has inclined with every new device and technology made public. As there is a lot of traffic on the internet using The Cloud, emails, social media and various other sign-in applications, people are worried about their files or accounts being made accessible to any internet user.
What is Bluetooth, and how does it work? Bluetooth is a widely spoken topic, especially in the early 2000s. Before Spotify, we had to buy songs on our phones that could then be transferred to a friend's phone via Bluetooth. That was a fantastic way to share music before we could share our tunes on social media.
The planet's carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are rising, creating holes within the ozone layer, letting the sun in, melting our icecaps and flooding our world. There’s been so much discussion about how to prevent it from getting worse, but there hasn’t been much discussion about how to take back the damage.
Facebook has recently changed its name from the recognisable “Facebook” too meta. The ever-loved white “F” in the blue background could be gone forever, but why? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced changes in the company at a “connect” conference on October 28, 2021. Once the announcement that the giant social media platform would be rebranding to “meta”, there were many unknown questions and answers.
Fake News is something we’ve all caught up in our lives. We see a news article and share it with friends without checking the source. That causes carnage and stress between your friends. What is fake news, and how do we spot it?