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So what exactly is Youtube?

All across the world, the website youtube is viral. If you have ever used the internet, you’ve probably found your way there. But do we know all about it? Let’s look at where it came from, how it grew, famous YouTubers and how you can make money from simply creating your videos. 

Youtube came to us in mid-2005 as a ‘beta’ website. 

Youtube arrived from Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. They were ex-employees of Paypal before they decided on a platform for everyone in the world to be able to share video content no matter how professional or amateur they were. (Beta is the name given to websites that are still being perfected and are out for testing.) It was attracting around thirty-thousand views daily when it started. By the summertime of the following year, Youtube was home to over one hundred million videos.

Youtube has various products attached to its platform. A year into its reign, Google bought it after a failed attempt at its video service. Consequently, the company had to add more copyright laws to its platform, and the application boomed. 

Premium lets users download videos and listen to them whilst their phone is locked. 

Music is an app specifically for listening to music—Youtube’s version of Spotify.

TV, which is a Netflix-style app that allows you to watch hundreds of channels on demand. 

Kids, a secure version of Youtube with limited videos which have all been verified as safe for children to watch.

Youtube has partnered with some movie companies to allow people to buy or rent the movie from their platform and stream it there.

Stories, like most social media, are short videos you can post with your profile for a certain period.

Shorts are TikTok-like videos where you can scroll down a feed and view multiple videos from many different creators. 

Youtube is available in 91 countries across the globe and is free to sign up to. You can upload anything you want as long as it follows the guidelines. 

But can you make money and become famous by using Youtube as a creator?

The answer is most definitely. Let’s look at a few people who became famous using Youtube, and also at where it can bring you, as well as the responsibilities that creators have.

First, we have Ray William Johnson, who started creating Youtube videos in 2009, where he would review and give commentaries on viral matters. He was highly famous for six years, and then in 2015, he stopped making his series “Equals Three”, where he got 3.1 billion views and did other things with his life. He went on to do vlogs and music until 2018 and then came back on Instagram and Facebook, where he does comedy sketches. His estimated earnings for March 2022 are $343k / £260k / €307k for his videos alone. 

Secondly, we have someone who is known online for many significant controversies. This YouTuber, Shane Dawson, was famous for making ‘comedy’ sketches with inappropriate stereotypes of minorities. He became famous for the wrong reasons, made many inappropriate jokes about race, wore blackface and called black people derogatory names. He also made inappropriate jokes about young children, which got him into a lot of trouble. Youtube held him accountable for his actions and had to delete many of his videos. For these reasons, he lost billions of viewers, and his profits were severely reduced. When you create videos, you need to remember that anyone in the world can see these, and if you say the wrong thing, this can affect your life, reputation, job, education, and standing with your family and friends.

Thirdly we have Bo Burnham. He is probably one of the most successful youtube creators. He started making videos in 2006 and accidentally went viral as he was just doing this for fun. He became famous for making comedy songs. In 2008, he signed a deal with Comedy Central and created a list of comedy albums. His popularity grew, and he gained 556.4M views on his videos. When Vine came out, he earned an even bigger following. From his start as a comedian on youtube, he became a comedian, singer, musician, actor, filmmaker, and poet. Bo Burnham ended up with Netflix comedy specials and released his own Netflix special created entirely by him alone. His estimated earnings for March 2022 were 11k for that month alone.

Last, we have the amazing Lilly Singh, one of the richest YouTubers of all time. She is with $ 20 million / £15.1million / €17.9million. She started her youtube career in 2010 with comedy sketches and vlogs. She then collaborated with celebrities, which gained her millions of views. She has approximately 14.5 million subscribers and over 3.45 billion views. Lilly has used this fame to go on and become a best-selling author, businesswoman, singer, actor, talent show judge, and a former late-night talk show host.

How can YOU make money on youtube? 

It’s important to know that to start making a profit; you need one thousand subscribers and people to have watched four thousand hours of your content in the last year. You only get approximately $5 / £3.50 / €4.48 for every one thousand views.

If you’re serious about getting into this competitive market, you need to remember these tips. You need to identify a target audience that will help you create content that will reach them. If you make unique content, you will likely get more significant followers, and brands will seek you out. You also need to look for something special you can do.

Investing in your Youtube career is essential! 

You’ll be able to reach more people by making sure you have a good camera, lighting and a microphone to make you look and sound more professional. It doesn’t have to be high-tech and expensive to work.

One more tip that is vital to your Youtube career! 

Use the tools available to you on youtube, like keywords, to drive viewers to your content. If you use other social media, you can repost your videos and link them to your channel, bringing a broader audience to your page. 

Do you think you have what it takes?

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Discover Youtube

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