Digital World Categories: Esports

Understanding the balance between gaming time and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
An interactive exploration into the world of video games and esports, incorporating basic game design.
An interactive journey into the world of retro video games, cultivating essential digital skills, and inspiring creativity.
This lesson focuses on understanding the concept, structure, and rules of eSports competitions. Pupils will learn how these competitions work and the importance of teamwork and strategy in gaming.
In this lesson, students will explore the concepts of fair play and sportsmanship within the context of Esports, engaging in discussions and group activities to better understand these principles.
This lesson will introduce the basics of Esports equipment, including different types of controllers and how they work.
An introductory lesson where pupils learn about streaming and how to view esports events. This involves understanding different streaming platforms, etiquette, safety, and how to navigate them.
This lesson introduces students to the basics of game design and development with a focus on Esports. Students will brainstorm, design, and share their unique Esports game ideas.
This lesson aims to introduce students to the wide variety of roles in the Esports industry, ranging from game developers to shoutcasters, and inspire students to explore these careers and their importance.
Exploring the significance of healthy habits in esports, including physical activity, balanced diet, and sufficient sleep.
In this lesson, we're going to explore the exciting world of ESports. This is like playing games, but in a team, like football or rugby. Can you think of a game you like to play? We're going to learn how to work together, just like a team in ESports.
This lesson will provide an introduction to ESports and teamwork through fun, interactive activities designed to promote digital and social skills.
This lesson aims to introduce students to the world of eSports, focusing on the importance of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.
In this lesson, pupils will engage in a physical team activity to understand the importance of collaborative strategies in esports.
This lesson helps students understand the concepts of problem-solving and critical thinking through interactive physical activities and discussions.
Learning about sportsmanship, fair play and being a good team player in the context of Esports
An introduction to esports equipment and the importance of teamwork.
A practical introduction to the importance of teamwork and communication in esports.
Exploring the different career opportunities in esports and understanding the role of collaboration.
This lesson is designed to help students understand the importance of maintaining physical and mental health while participating in or following Esports.
This lesson introduces students to various career opportunities in Esports, including players, casters, and game developers.
This lesson introduces students to the basics of streaming and Esports broadcasting, teaching them the tools and digital skills needed for an effective stream.
This lesson introduces students to the exciting world of Esports and delves into the rich history of video games.
Dive into the history and mechanics of classic retro games, appreciating the foundation of modern ESports.
This lesson introduces the concept of eSports competitions, including tournaments and leagues, focusing on their structures, benefits, and impacts on participants and the wider gaming community.
This lesson will introduce students to the importance of teamwork and effective communication in Esports, and how these skills can enhance their gaming performance.
This lesson explores the concept of fair play, sporting conduct, and ethical considerations within the context of Esports. Students will learn about the standards of behaviour in Esports and explore how to uphold these standards.
This lesson introduces students to the various types of equipment and technology used in Esports. They will learn about the different elements that make up an Esports setup and how they contribute to the gaming experience.
In this lesson, learners will explore the technical and communication aspects of streaming and broadcasting in Esports. They will learn how to create a simulated stream using available presentation software, engage an audience, and critically analyse professional Esports broadcasts.
In this lesson, learners will delve into the world of game design using Microsoft Makecode Arcade. They will explore key elements of Esports game design and have the opportunity to modify an existing game to fit Esports criteria.
Explore the various career opportunities in the world of Esports, delving into roles like players, casters, and developers.
This lesson will explore the importance of maintaining healthy habits in Esports, including the need for physical activity, balanced nutrition, and proper rest. Students will also learn about the impacts of these habits on performance and general well-being.
This lesson will introduce students to the world of esports and the history of video games, enhancing their digital literacy and research skills.
This lesson will allow students to explore the fundamentals of game design by studying and playing simple retro games. They will gain a basic understanding of game mechanics and how these contribute to player experience.
This lesson explores the structure and significance of tournaments and leagues in esports, and will see students simulate their own mini esports tournament using age-appropriate games.
This lesson will allow students to explore the significance of teamwork and effective communication in esports. The main activity will involve playing a team-based game, reflecting on their communication strategies, and devising ways to improve them.
This lesson focuses on the fundamental aspects of fair play, sporting conduct, and ethical considerations in Esports, with emphasis on digital skills development.
This lesson introduces students to the technology and equipment used in Esports. Pupils will research, explore, and create a digital presentation.