Digital World Categories: Medical Technologies

Students will design and code a basic health wearable using a micro:bit.
Explore the fascinating world of lesser-known medical gadgets and technologies.
Students explore a virtual 360-degree tour of Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital, completing a scavenger hunt to learn about various departments and medical technologies.
Students will ideate, plan, and present their ultimate health tech gadget by using various digital tools.
An exploration of innovative medical technologies and a digital presentation task.
This lesson allows students to design and build a basic health app using Makecode, enhancing digital and coding skills.
Students will explore ethical dilemmas in medical technologies using an interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure" game.
Students will design different components of a Doctor from the year 2050, exploring future medical technologies.
Students will explore Medical Technologies while creating a theme song for a fictional medical TV show set in 2050.
This lesson encourages pupils to delve into the fascinating world of medical technology breakthroughs, understand their significance, and creatively present these findings.
Dive deeper into digital health by creating a complex health watch with multiple reminders and custom responses using Makecode.
This lesson allows students to learn about the human body and its associated medical technologies using ThingLink, an interactive media platform. Students will create interactive images showcasing their learning and engage in peer review activities.
Students will explore the human body using Zygote Body and document their findings in a Google Doc, learning about different body parts, their functions, and associated medical devices.
This interactive lesson offers a simulated journey into the medical field, enabling students to use digital tools to learn about medical technologies and gain hands-on experience.
This lesson aims to engage students in a narrative-based exploration of ethical issues in medical technologies, promoting critical thinking, empathy, and decision-making skills.
This lesson introduces students to medical technologies, focusing on health apps. Students will engage in creating a mock-up of their own health app, understanding its significance and usability.
This lesson encourages learners to apply their understanding of Medical Technologies by inventing their own innovative health gadget.
Students take a virtual tour of a children's hospital to gain a comprehensive understanding of medical technologies used in different departments, ending with a scavenger hunt to find specific items or areas.
This interactive and hands-on lesson will help pupils understand the role of technology in the medical field by introducing them to various medical tools and their uses.
An engaging lesson where students learn about living a healthy life, including physical activities and creating a digital representation of a healthy meal using Canva.
An exciting journey into digital health, where we use the Makecode website to create a simple health watch that reminds us to stay active and hydrated.
Students will take a virtual adventure through a human body using ThingLink, learning about different medical technologies along the way.
In this lesson, students will create a mini medical clinic, showcasing different medical tools and their uses, and present their clinics to the class.
An immersive journey through the ethical issues surrounding the use of medical technologies.
In this lesson, students will explore the world of health apps and medical technologies, learn about their uses, and design their own health app using Google Slides.
In this lesson, students will discover amazing medical breakthroughs that have changed the world. They will learn about how these advancements have improved healthcare and quality of life for many people, and create a digital poster showcasing their favourite medical breakthrough using Canva.
Students will engage in an exciting exploration of medical technologies and invent their own 'Super Medical Gadget'. They will create a digital presentation about their invention using Google Slides and share it with their peers.
Students will engage in a virtual tour of a hospital, explore different areas and objects in a hospital environment, and create a digital presentation based on their findings.
This lesson introduces pupils to various medical tools, their uses, and how technology has improved their design and function.