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Once upon a time, not too long ago, there were no computers, iPads, or video games. People had to do things like maths and writing all by hand. But then, some very clever people decided to create something amazing, something we call computers!

The Big, Big Beginnings

The first computers were as big as a room! Can you imagine? They had lots of flashing lights and buttons, and they made a lot of noise. These huge machines were very slow compared to the computers we have today, and they needed many people to make them work.

The Brainy First Computer

A man named Alan Turing was like a magician of computers. He had smart ideas that helped people build the first computer. It was called the Turing Machine, and it could solve maths problems. Alan’s work also helped people understand how to talk to computers in a special way, using something called “code.”

Computers Get Smaller

As the years went by, computers started to get smaller and faster. More people started to use them, not just scientists. Families could have a computer in their home, and kids could play games on them!

In 1981, a company called IBM made a computer that many businesses liked. Then, a man named Steve Jobs, with his friend Steve Wozniak, made a computer called the Apple. It was colourful and friendly, and people loved it!

Tiny Computers in Your Pocket

Now, we have tiny computers we can carry in our pockets. They’re called smartphones, and you can do so many things with them, like taking pictures, watching videos, and talking to friends.

The Future of Computers

What will computers be like in the future? Maybe they’ll be as small as a speck of dust or as smart as a wise old owl. Maybe we’ll have computers in our glasses or in our shoes. Who knows? The world of computers is full of surprises!

Let’s Celebrate Computers!

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