Estimated Duration: 20 minutes

Understanding the balance between gaming time and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Exploring the different career opportunities in esports and understanding the role of collaboration.
A practical introduction to the importance of teamwork and communication in esports.
An introduction to esports equipment and the importance of teamwork.
Learning about sportsmanship, fair play and being a good team player in the context of Esports
In this lesson, students will learn about the various game characters and their unique roles and traits through a fun, interactive storytelling and craft session.
This lesson introduces the concept of cooperation and teamwork through engaging, interactive game play.
In this lesson, children will explore problem-solving through interactive games and puzzles, helping to enhance their critical thinking skills.
In this lesson, children will understand the role of sound and music in video games, recognizing different sounds and their purpose.
In this lesson, children will learn about the basic elements of a video game, including gameplay and objectives. They will also explore a game environment and identify objectives.
In this lesson, students will get a hands-on experience of exploring various video game environments, helping them understand the digital world and stimulate their creativity.
This interactive lesson guides students through understanding different video game controllers, their buttons, and functions.
This lesson introduces students to the world of video games, their history, genres, and societal impact, while promoting research skills, digital literacy, and creative thinking.
This lesson will engage students in exploring and understanding the ethical implications of video games and their role in society.
This lesson will explore the impact of video games on society and culture, examining their influence on our everyday lives, entertainment industry, and global culture.
This lesson aims to provide a fundamental understanding of what game engines are, how they work, and their importance in the development of video games.
A comprehensive exploration of the concepts and principles of game mechanics and gameplay.
An in-depth exploration of the various stages involved in the process of video game development.
An exploration of how video games utilise narrative elements to engage players and enhance gameplay.
A lesson exploring various video game genres and how games are categorized.
Students will delve into the basic elements of game design. They will learn about gameplay mechanics, level design, player objectives, characters, and storylines.
This lesson traces the journey of video games from their beginnings to present day, highlighting their advancements and impacts on society. Students will also create a timeline of video game history, applying research, digital literacy, and presentation skills.