Level: Early Level

Students will brainstorm everyday problems they encounter and envision a piece of wearable technology that could help solve this problem.
Students will explore different kinds of wearable technology and imagine how these could evolve in the future.
This activity encourages children to imagine and create a smart wearable technology for a superhero using crafts materials and simple digital tools.
This activity helps students understand the concept of smart wearables that aid vision, and then encourages them to design their own vision-supporting wearable.
This activity introduces the concept of smart wearables that aid hearing, followed by an engaging design activity.
This activity will let students discover how a step counter works, design their own, and understand its benefits.
This activity explores the benefits of different smart wearable technology and encourages creativity and critical thinking.
This activity explores the functionality of different smart wearable technology.
This activity explores the variety of smart wearable technology and its uses.
This activity introduces the concept of wearable technology, its uses and how it's becoming a part of everyday life.
This lesson helps students understand the concepts of problem-solving and critical thinking through interactive physical activities and discussions.
Understanding the balance between gaming time and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Exploring the different career opportunities in esports and understanding the role of collaboration.
A practical introduction to the importance of teamwork and communication in esports.
An introduction to esports equipment and the importance of teamwork.
Learning about sportsmanship, fair play and being a good team player in the context of Esports
In this lesson, pupils will engage in a physical team activity to understand the importance of collaborative strategies in esports.
This lesson aims to introduce students to the world of eSports, focusing on the importance of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.
This lesson will provide an introduction to ESports and teamwork through fun, interactive activities designed to promote digital and social skills.
In this lesson, we're going to explore the exciting world of ESports. This is like playing games, but in a team, like football or rugby. Can you think of a game you like to play? We're going to learn how to work together, just like a team in ESports.
This lesson introduces the concept of cooperation and teamwork through engaging, interactive game play.
In this lesson, children will explore problem-solving through interactive games and puzzles, helping to enhance their critical thinking skills.
In this lesson, children will understand the role of sound and music in video games, recognizing different sounds and their purpose.
In this lesson, children will learn about the basic elements of a video game, including gameplay and objectives. They will also explore a game environment and identify objectives.
In this lesson, students will get a hands-on experience of exploring various video game environments, helping them understand the digital world and stimulate their creativity.
In this lesson, students will learn about the various game characters and their unique roles and traits through a fun, interactive storytelling and craft session.
This interactive lesson guides students through understanding different video game controllers, their buttons, and functions.