We want to help more young people like TONY with engaging digital projects, virtual work experience, enterprise pathways and high-growth digital careers

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Investing in young people

Empowering young people

We invest in young people, training them and giving them real-world experience in digital roles.

We partner with industry, education and communities to deliver digital projects.

We are content creators and digital learning specialists for education and provide skills programmes and learning experiences via our learning platform.

Supporting virtual schooling

Our learning platform has 100s of hours of engaging digital learning for real-world skills

We’re partnering AI with creative digital educators to develop engaging digital learning experiences that teachers can use in class or online. 

With topics like Video Games, The History of Computers and Wearable tech, our learning platform is making it easy for schools to redefine learning for the digital age.

Re-engaging learners with education

Our pilots have seen us work with groups of learners who were not attending school and the impact was astounding.

Something special and moving has happened with this project and it’s even taken us a little bit by surprise…

We knew our programme and ambition for it was good but there was something about the learning environment that had a big role to play and that’s where our plans to roll out these spaces to other communities started.

Digitize has allowed me to develop my skills in a really supportive environment. I've gained so much confidence and a dream career.

TONY- Web developer/ Digital learning tech

We're so proud of this guy...

Tony left school at a young age with few formal qualifications but he’d taught himself so much about technology and coding and had always been an avid gamer.  He came to us at 18 on a funded programme through Young Person’s Guarantee and we knew within five minutes that we could support him to a digital future. 


Hear from Tony...

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We’ve now employed Tony full-time and he’s worked on some of our biggest projects with major clients. He also plays a key role in our Ai strategy and in supporting schools with Minecraft, VR and Drone workshops.

Digitize Pathways is an immersive and project-based digital skills development and digital work experience programme

The vision for Digitize is to bring vital digital expertise to all communities

“We know we’ve developed something really powerful because we’re having community impact”

Carole HarperDigitize 

“There’s a real disconnect between traditional education and skills systems and the must-have skills employers need right now. We’re here to help with that”

Pam CurrieDigitize 

"I've really developed my creativity since starting in my role with Digitize Pathways. I'm now working for a local organisation doing digital marketing and when I saw the job description it was everything I'd trained for with Digitize"



Please use the following Slides decks to inform and update colleagues and partners of the Digitize Pathways Programme and what it could do for your school, business or community...

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In a nutshell?

Below you’ll see the three main ways we can work with you to support your community to thrive in the digital world with tools, apps and AI to empower learning, life and work

Buy our Learning Platform

Our learning platform empowers educators and youth workers to deliver engaging digital topics and activities for community impact and digital skills-building

Mentored Pathways for employability

Our mentored employability and enterprise programmes place young people with adults in digital careers to support skills development with relevant projects

Start a Digitize Hub in your community

We support schools, charities and people like us with a social enterprise start-up system for your community. If you share our mission and values, you could be running a Digitize hub in your school or town.

We empowered these guys and we'd love to support more like them...

We Digitized Amy
We Digitized Amy
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Amy was with DIGITIZE for 12 months. She is now employed in her new career doing Digital Marketing for a charity and is THRIVING in her new role.

We remember finding the job advert for the role and it was as if the job description had been written for Amy's new skills: design, video creation, social media, email marketing, WordPress

We're so proud of Amy for the dedication and commitment she always showed and we're delighted to hear that she's thriving now in her new digital career.
We Digitized Tony
We Digitized Tony
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Tony sums up the type of young person we can empower to life-changing digital careers. He'd always been interested in video games and digital and his skills were already impressive in digital marketing and web development

What Digitize gave Tony was confidence and support to hone his skills and work on real-life projects with the support of our team. He now works with us full-time and is ready to support other young people like him.
We Digitized Niall
We Digitized Niall
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Niall is a primary school teacher to trade but he'd always been that guy in school that was just into the digital world and what it could do for his learners.

We first met Niall at a Google trainer event and he works with us as an education consultant offering support for Google Workspaces, Microsoft 365 and has a particular interest in accessibility.

Niall is working on his own unique brand and building his website, video and digital marketing skills alongside his education work.
We Digitized Courtney
We Digitized Courtney
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Courtney reached out to us as a student looking for experience as an intern during her summers. Her degree course was Digital Marketing and she was with us right through her course before she graduated with a First Class degree.

Courtney was employed with us full-time after she graduated before landing a dream job with an app company in fintech.
We Digitized Warren
We Digitized Warren
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Warren joined us for an 8 week Pathways programme where he worked online from home and school and met up with his team once a week in an afternoon to do projects. He also checked-in with his mentor and was supported online via a group chat.

After a lot of challenges in his school life, it was absolutely amazing to see Warren grow in confidence and enthusiasm. He showed great resilience in getting his designs to a standard for his e-commerce project.
We Digitized  Amy 2
We Digitized Amy 2
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Amy joined us for an 8 week Pathways programme where she worked online from home and school and met up with her team once a week in an afternoon to do projects. She also checked-in with her mentor via video calls and was supported online via a group chat as she worked through her activities.

The proudest moment for us was when we hatched a plan for Amy to pitch Shopify as an e-commerce development for her mum and dad's shop. She convinced them to move forward and that selling online could transform their business. She also used the presentation as evidence for her English assessments. Boom!

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